Monitoring platform

Many factors can affect the power yield of the system during its lifetime, some of them include: soiling of the modules, module degradation (photovoltaic modules lose efficiency over time and produce less electricity), inverter efficiency, system components’ faults.

Even a single faulty PV module can substantially affect the whole string of modules and if not treated, cause more damage to the system and other components.

Good inverters have protection mechanisms in place, to limit the possibility of self-damage, but those mechanisms work in a way which reduces the power output.​

Technologies used

Direct integration with inverters

Data from satellite imagery updated daily, validated and corrected to meet high certainty requirements by our team of experts.

Highly accurate simulation models

The models used for simulating energy yield are implemented by NREL. The methodology used for data processing is recommended by NREL and IRENA.

Automated data processing pipeline

Weather data, inverter data and other sources are processed in a multi-step process to calculate a set of metrics which are visualized on several dashboards.

Cloud-based solution

Access the platform from every device connected to the internet. Always available and unlimited data processing power.



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Why SolarData?

Early fault detection

Automatic fault detection by comparing actual vs optimal energy yield.

Automated alerting

Automated alerting based on customizable conditions

98% certainty

Superior certainty achieved by a combination of data sources.

System metrics

Soiling, Temperature degradation, Inverter efficiency, PV module efficiency, Performance ratio, deviation from nominal operation, self-sufficiency, energy flow metrics and others.

Compare actual vs optimal power yield

Evaluate performance of the system compared to optimal working conditions.



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