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Every location has specific energy potential which is dependent on the climate, geographical position of the location, topology, nearby buildings or objects that may shade the modules, sunlight duration and others. To make the most out of the available solar energy, many parameters need to be optimized. Solar Data has the answer to that question.


Detailed monthly simulation and analysis of energy yield, according to system specification and weather data.

Technologies used

Satellite data

Data from satellite imagery updated daily, validated and corrected to meet high certainty requirements by our team of experts.

Highly accurate simulation models

The models used for simulating energy yield are implemented by NREL. The methodology used for data processing is recommended by NREL and IRENA.

On-site measurements

On-site measurements can be obtained by nearby meteorological station or be performed using our proprietary station that can be installed on site.


Cloud-based solution

Access the platform from every device connected to the internet. Always available and unlimited data processing power.



On request

Per Location


Per Location

Why SolarData?

Large database

More than 15.000 PV modules and inverters with detailed system specification. A database maintained by the California Energy Commision (CEC).

P50 and P90 confidence reports

Some banks and organizations require reports with higher level of confidence. The tool generates reports with P50 and P90 confidence levels for maximum certainty.

98% certainty

Superior certainty achieved by a combination of data sources.

Unlimited simulations

Run unlimited number of simulations per location. Try different system specification and find the optimal for maximum benefit.

System sizing helper

A tool that will guide the size of the system to be compatible with the land area, technical specification and other input parameters.


Maximization of cost-benefit by optimizing technical specification.


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